Will an Exhaust System or Muffler Improve Gas Mileage?

There are a few recommended ways of saving a lot on gas, including having a small economy car and sticking to the speed limit. When you replace the stock exhaust system of the vehicle with an mpg exhaust, it can save you a lot of money. Although many consumers are skeptical about the exhaust kit claiming to increase horsepower or improve gas mileage because gas mileage and performance are mutually exclusive, the mufflers and exhaust systems are great for improving gas mileage.

The exhaust: complex structure with important tasks

Loud noises from a passing car, dark, foul-smelling smoke - who doesn't know that? This is usually due to a damaged exhaust system. In such a case, you should have the exhaust repaired early on, otherwise, you not only harm the environment but also your own wallet. 

Every modern vehicle that has an internal combustion engine has an exhaust system. It is primarily responsible for cleaning the exhaust gases and reducing noise.

How is gas mileage improved by the exhaust system or muffler?

  • The exhaust system and mufflers improve efficiency but don't add power

There is a restrictive factory exhaust system with every vehicle, which is quiet and inexpensive to build. As most people don't want cars that make noise, their factory exhaust systems are usually very quiet. This quietness is typically achieved by creating a restrictive system.

On the other hand, when the factory-installed exhaust gets replaced with a cat-back system or a market muffler, the engine exhales a little easier, which means less restriction. This helps to improve efficiency, and the engine gets more power. 

  • Efficiency is not only about horsepower

An efficient engine doesn't need to be powerful. If you want the machine to be more powerful, you will need it to do the same amount of work to make it efficient. 

The exhaust mpg or muffler you choose can surely improve your vehicle's power, but if you don't, go for the extra power.

An improvement in the gas economy means a gas mileage improvement. Although it may not sound too much, this will save you a good amount when you drive the vehicle for a year. 

  • Small cars can be very beneficial.

If you have a big vehicle, there are chances that its engine will be powerful to pass the restrictive factory exhaust system. On the other hand, the engine of a small car can have tremendous efficiency because of the less-restrictive muffler.

A high-power mpg exhaust can improve the power output of your vehicle, and it means your fuel economy will automatically improve. When your fuel economy is boosted by only a few mpg, it can be beneficial for you to pay off the new exhaust system in a quick manner.


Although there are numerous ways to improve your vehicle's gas mileage, including replacing the air filter and using carefully bent pipes, utilizing an mpg exhaust is one of the best ways of enhancing your car's gas mileage. 

No doubt adding an exhaust system or an after-market performance muffler can help improve the engine efficiency by 2-10%. It would be beneficial for you if you kept in mind that the improvement in your vehicle’s efficiency can improve the fuel economy or increase the horsepower.