Which Performance Muffler Design is Best?

The muffler is one of the most critical parts of any car engine. It can control the sound emitted from the engine through the individual channels that exist inside it. Therefore, if you choose the right muffler, you will be getting a great sound, improve performance and have the fuel economy. There is a muffler design for every type of car, and every manufacturer argues that they have come up with the best design. 

These days, there is hype regarding the performance mufflers out there in the market. Therefore, people ask which performance muffler design can be the best. Most of the performance mufflers are made the same way, and you may not find much difference because of the design.

What is a performance muffler?

A performance muffler is known to suppress sound, but this can be a secondary consideration when you have a performance setting. Although a muffler reduces noise, it can inhibit a car from being what it can be when it is about power. Therefore, it is a compromise between both extremes.

As far as the mufflers are concerned, car owners have three different classifications. Some want as little noise as possible, and on the other hand, others prefer the healthy growl of a performance muffler. When we talk about the hard-core customer-owners, they don't much care about its loudness.

What are the benefits of a muffler?

  • Sound

The significant advantage is that you will have a tranquil ride. If you don't have a damper, the engine will be loud. So, it is the job of the muffler to control the outgoing sound through the chambers.

  • Fuel economy

If you add an aftermarket muffler to your vehicle, it can indeed make a difference in fuel economy. As your car's engine will be circulating more air, you will have an efficient operation.

  • Horsepower

A muffler allows you to have more airflow, decreasing the back pressure to the vehicle's engine. This airflow is capable of giving an increased amount of power to the car, as well as its throttle response.

Which performance muffler design is the best?

Most mufflers go with a sound deadening and sound reflection combination for controlling the engine sounds. You will find some muffler manufacturers who claim that they don't use baffles and say that they have a straight-through muffler design, not interrupting airflow. Other manufacturers advertise that their system doesn’t depend on the materials that absorb sound cheaply. Therefore, they claim to last longer and give a better sound than any straight-through designs.

In reality, you may not be able to find significant performance benefits with either design. No matter what you use, it cannot be compared with tuning. If your manufacturer has designed a muffler and tuned it according to your vehicle, you will surely enjoy much better performance. 

Bottom Line

If you are thinking of getting a performance muffler for your vehicle, it is better not to buy the hype. It would help if you kept in mind that tuning matters more than the muffler design. Therefore, whether you are going for a factory replacement or a performance muffler, go for stainless steel, a good brand, and a warranty that you can afford.