What's a Downpipe and Why Would I Want One?

If you know about car exhaust systems, you must have an idea about downpipes. However, this auto part is still a problem for many vehicle owners. Let's figure out what a downpipe does and why it is vital for the exhaust system. The importance multiplies manifold for high-end sports cars. 

Basics of Downpipes

Downpipe redirects the exhaust gasses from the vehicle turbine to the exhaust system as it bolts right Into the turbine housing. Downpipe plays an instrumental role in exhausting gasses through the system.  

The average downpipe is fitted with a single restrictive catalytic converter. Catalytic converter cleans gasses at the point of production. Downpipe also causes it to lose power, and its efficiency must be considered while selecting a high-end car like Mercedes. 

In a typical sports car, the exhaust system has a bending wherein the steel rod is planted into bent timing. There are no breaks or wrinkles, thanks to this plantation.    

The design of the downpipe is concurrent with the general construction. Hence, there is no hassle if you change the downpipe for modification or any other up gradation purpose. 

Should You Keep the Downpipe that Comes with a Vehicle by Default?

Suppose you have just got a high-end car like Mercedes. To test the limits, you would love to have an aftermarket downpipe. The factory-fitted pipe might not be resilient enough to perform optimally. Hence replacing the default pipe with a new one is an exciting option. You may also return the catalytic converter of the car.

Why Do You Need a Downpipe?

Downpipe helps the engine attain the turbo effect. The turbo effect clears the gas ways running into turbines, making the engine more efficient. 

These are aftermarket downpipes that bring a plethora of goodness to the engines. The capacities are larger and more restrictive than the inventory option. A turbo spin is acquired thanks to enhanced diameter. 

This is a spin that has a make-break factor. It increases spool and decreases lag. You reduce the temperature and charge when you move on to a new downpipe. The engine gets the required power.  

This non-factory downpipe rivets up the excitement of the car owners who want to make the most of the car—the car's average speed ticks in fast. Hence, the upgraded downpipe is an essence of speed fondness. 

The Real Difference between Catless and Cat Downpipes

The potential buyer might get confused between the Catless vs. Cat choices. Cat downpipes come up with a seamless flowing catalytic converter. On the other hand, Catless downpipes are without a converter. 

The experts recommend Cat downpipes due to their ability to clean exhaust gasses. If you buy a careless version, the vehicles will keep emitting weird odors. This odor is because of less purification of exhaust gasses. 

Hence, you must go for the cat option unless you are okay with the catless variety. 

Buying an All-New Downpipe

IF you want to race your car, you should replace the downpipe. This way, you get the maximum horsepower resulting in uproaring energy. Bolstering Your sports car with a new downpipe brings dramatic effects to the car's performance. 

Another good reason for buying a new downpipe is a modification of the turbo. A stock turbo system requires a better exhaust design that can only be possible by a more significant and smooth downpipe. 

Usually, the standard downpipes are trustworthy enough. But, it is still your prerogative to upgrade your exhaust materials. You will get brownie points!