Top 3 Performance Exhaust System Brands

Any vehicle's exhaust system has the critical task of venting out the exhaust as quickly as possible. It is unfortunate that most standard systems are restrictive and designed to reduce noise. On the other hand, a customized exhaust system can increase the performance of the engine and boost its sound and performance. There are several exhaust systems options in the market that are able to deliver the promise, but you need to choose carefully.

How to choose the best exhaust system?

  • Vehicle

Different cars and engines have additional requirements, and therefore, every exhaust system is optimized for a particular application. So, you need to make sure that the exhaust system you buy is suitable for the car. 

  • Sound

There is always a unique sound for every exhaust system, and to add a pleasing sound, you can use a muffler. You can either go for a classic muscle car tone or a sports vehicle sound, go for the exhaust system that is of high quality and gives you a pleasing sound.

  • Style

If you like to add some custom style to the vehicle, nothing can be better than an exhaust system. You have the option of adding a chrome exhaust tip to give a hot-rod look or using double exhaust tips to provide a double exit look.

  • Your budget

Like most auto accessories, you must buy an exhaust system that can fit your budget. The best exhaust brands will be offering you a wide array of techniques and extra horsepower. Yet, there are exhaust parts made from inexpensive materials, but they still offer long-lasting durability.

Best exhaust system brands

  • Flowmaster Exhaust Systems

Flowmaster is providethe master of muscle cars offering an incredible tone and a massive exhaust flow together in a refined package. Although it has a powerful exhaust tone, the Flowmaster exhaust features exhaust scavenging to give you an additional power boost.

There is also a legendary chambered muffler in each Flowmaster system. It is specially designed to keep free-flowing exhaust, whereas each muffler is tuned to perfection with chambers and baffles. Therefore, you can get a rich performance tone when driving.

  • Magnaflow Exhaust System

This exhaust system offers top-quality construction, a performance sound, and an exact fit. It comes with a durable stainless steel that contours perfectly to the underside of the car for a perfect fit, and this way, you can have maximum corrosion resistance and massive exhaust flow.

By having all this, you can boost mileage and horsepower that can last for many years. Magnaflow mufflers add a high-performance tone while keeping exhaust restrictions and making the annoying highway drone the lowest.

  • Borla Exhaust Systems

If you are the one who goes towards refinement, then Borla is the perfect choice for you. This exhaust system comes with a T-304 stainless tubing to offer you gains in mileage and performance.

The Borla exhaust system also has a high-flow muffler to generate a superb performance tone and give you a perfect ride. The best thing about this exhaust system is that it is street legal in all the US states.


An exhaust system is undoubtedly a critical performance upgrade that can be added to your vehicle. Therefore, you must make the right decision when buying an exhaust system for your car, SUV, or truck. Although there are several different brands out there in the market, you must go for the best exhaust brands that help to improve the power, sound, and efficiency of your vehicle.