Should the Exhaust System be Dumped Early, Right After the Muffler Exit?

Many drivers may not like the sound of their performance muffler, as it may not be loud enough. They dump the exhaust system under the vehicle and remove any tubing behind the muffler to improve the situation. The main question is whether it changes the exhaust system's sound or not?

The exhaust ports use muffler dumps to quiet down the air release sound. Although some of these slow down the speed at which the car airs out by reducing the airflow rate. Therefore, it can create a slight difference in the sound level.

Does dumping exhaust system create loud sound?

There is no doubt that when the section of the pipe between the exhaust tips and the muffler exit is removed, it can make some difference in sound. Mostly the sounds that we hear are when this modification reflects off the ground and reverberates off the car. Such reflected sounds are capable of making your existing exhaust system louder.

It is worth noting that the exhaust gases can be toxic, and it would always be wise to take them away from the interior of the vehicle. If they happen to leak into the interior, you can have a headache, you may fall asleep when driving the car, and these can even kill you or your passengers.

Where should the muffler end?

Although it depends on where the muffler ends, it is worth noting that the exhaust gases can sit below the passenger compartment. When the muffler dumps under the vehicle, the air might move through the car’s floor very quickly as there are drain holes in the vehicle interiors.

When the exhaust gases accumulate under the car, these gases can get inside. It would be best for you if you kept in mind that the hot exhaust gases can exit onto the underbody of the vehicle. Therefore, the heat and moisture can cause corrosion problems over time, especially in the winter.

What are the best ways of making the exhaust system sound louder?

  • You can replace the muffler.

Getting a new muffler is the best option because it can be much louder than most after-market mufflers. You can also visit the local muffler shop and ask for a loud muffler. This way, you can get a turbo muffler from a generic brand that will sound louder. To have a loud performance muffler, you don't need to pay too much, but there is no doubt that a performance muffler can cost you some money.

  • Use short exit pipes and end in front of the rear wheels.

Although many people consider it an old-school look, using short side exit pipes ending in front of the rear wheels sounds good, and it usually is straightforward to do on any vehicle. You may not get the reverberation or echo effect when the exhaust ends underneath the car, but there will not be any risk of carbon monoxide poisoning.