New Hushpower dbX Mufflers from Flowmaster

Car enthusiasts love to use some of the most innovative exhaust system products seen in the automotive industry. Although several brands are offering top-quality mufflers, the introduction of Hushpower mufflers from Flowmaster has proven that nothing can beat a groundbreaking sound control while providing maximum power. 

What are Hushpower dbX mufflers by Flowmaster?

The Hushpower dbX mufflers are known to be the best for street applications. The best thing that we see about these mufflers is that they feature cool shell technology that gives the right sound and controls any heat that transfers to the floor pan. This makes them among the best products introduced by Flowmaster.

During development, the Hushpower mufflers delivered performance consistently and surpassed the open pipe systems. This helped significantly reduce the sound levels across the RPM range. This quality exhaust product from Flowmaster has successfully brought an entirely new generation of exhaust technology to the market.

Benefits of using dbX

  • The best thing about dbX mufflers is that they strictly meet all the noise regulation requirements. If you are an individual who doesn't prefer loud mufflers or digs a loud exhaust system, then dbX is undoubtedly something you should be considering.
  • When we compare dbX to most aftermarket mufflers, its external surface runs a lot cooler. Therefore, you can easily use it if you have a small vehicle. You will not worry about running it closer to any other car components.
  • The Hushpower mufflers would never make your vehicle's engine give a sound like a lawnmower. Most sport-compact mufflers that we see produce a loud noise, and the small engines suffer from it.

What are the main features of Hushpower dbX Mufflers?

  • dbX has a unique construction because it features a polished 304 SS casing. It means that you will be having a lovely shine on the muffler if you have made up your mind to mount it at the vehicle's rear bumper.
  • When we look at various characteristics of this muffler, we will find out that it is specially designed for compact vehicles. Therefore, it can be mounted against the body kit with a cool exterior. The polished surface means that it can be placed where it might be visible.
  • When we look at the Hushpower muffler technology by Flowmaster, we will find out that its entry cone, laminar flow area, thermal barrier, and exit cone are made perfectly. Flowmaster will also be producing V6 and V8 mufflers. You will see them on the high-end vehicles requiring performance mufflers that aren't too loud.


When it is about using mufflers in vehicles, different people have different choices. If you have a sport compact and would like to give it a sound of a grown-up when driving down the road, then the Hushpower mufflers by Flowmaster can be your ideal choice.