How Do Exhaust Tips Work?

Many motorists tend to forget about the vehicle components that are not visible and primarily focus on the visible ones. This is why many people consider exhaust tip installation to be an aftermarket upgrade. You might wonder what do exhaust tips do? 

The answer is that the exhaust tip doesn't alter the exhaust system performance, but they sure do give an enhanced appearance.

What is an exhaust tip?

The exhaust tip is the visible part of your exhaust tailpipe and is also called the muffler tip. It all depends on whether a vehicle has a single or a dual exhaust system; there could be one or two exhaust tips. As the tailpipe is the end of the combustion process, it helps to remove any gases and funnels from underneath the vehicle.

It is also worth mentioning that an exhaust tip is available in several sizes and styles and can affect the sound of the vehicle, but it all depends on the type and the size. Therefore, you have the option of styling the rear end of your car in different ways that anybody can see and hear.

What do exhaust tips do?

The vehicle's exhaust system is composed of piping that helps guide the reaction exhaust gases away from the engine to the air. This allows the continuous function of the engine. Although the exhaust tip is the part of the exhaust system that is visible from the exterior of your vehicle, rather than helping with the sound, they don't do anything for the exhaust system's performance.

Exhaust tips have become quite popular these days, and there are numerous types of exhaust tips, including intercooler and rolled edge ones to the round and square. It is possible to attach most of the exhaust tips to the original exhaust system of your vehicle while you can slide some into the system.

What are the benefits of exhaust tips?

  • An exhaust tip can do a couple of things, most notably, the sound.
  • The petrol heads typically appreciate the deep and throaty roar from the engine, while the exhaust tip can replicate this sound.
  • Although the new exhaust system can also achieve the same effect with an exhaust tip, it can do the same at a much lower price.
  • Your exhaust tip can also upgrade the vehicle's aesthetic, as the exhaust pipe removes unclean air, but it doesn’t look that much appealing. The exhaust tip is designed to let the exhaust system get the same result, but it looks good in the process.

Final Words

Many people wonder what do exhaust tips do? The answer is simple: usually, the exhaust tips don't impact the exhaust system and are for the show, but they do help with sound. It is possible to weld some of the exhaust tips onto the vehicle, but the majority go for the screw-light attachment system or a simple pipe-clamp. You can complete the tight screw installation or the pipe clamp with the help of a screwdriver or a socket set.