How Do After-market Exhaust Systems Disrupt the Power Curve of Your Car?

Whether you go for tuning the engine control unit (ECU) or turbocharging, several horsepowers boost modifications boil down to more air and fuel. If you improperly do these, there is a possibility that you might end up with a broken engine. 

When a tuned exhaust system is installed in your vehicle, it gives a faster and more responsive feel to it. Keep in mind that when your exhaust system disrupts the power curve of the engine, then you must have made some mistakes. Luckily, they are easy to correct.

In case you have a Chevrolet Silverado and don't have an exhaust system with it, then you can go for the Silverado exhaust tip ideas before you buy an after-market exhaust system.

Tips for buying the right exhaust system

  • Try not to go too big

A common mistake made by many vehicle owners is buying exhaust pipes that can be bigger than the factory set during the exhaust system upgrade. Therefore, sticking to the original factory pipe diameter is always better. Try not to add half an inch into the diameter unless you produce any significant performance upgrades or drive a diesel vehicle.

  • Never go cheap

The cheapest exhaust systems are straight pipes containing cheap fiberglass. It is worth mentioning that when they are new, they actually don't sound too bad, but they are inexpensive for a reason. When such mufflers happen to get hot, the fiberglass stuffing starts to melt. In the end, it breaks free and starts to become an obstruction. Therefore, it is more beneficial to spend money on an appropriate set of mufflers from a reputable manufacturer.

  • It is better to think about factory exit configuration

If you plan to add a dual exhaust system to your vehicle, then keep in mind that it is not always a good idea to convert a single exhaust system into a dual one. The dual exhaust system addition is always a bad idea for a four-cylinder vehicle because there is a single exhaust manifold exit in the car. Dual exhaust is only good if dual paths come out of the motor.

  • Don't use your technique without doing homework

To bypass spending money on the exhaust system, you have the option to make your own. You can go for the mandrel-bent pipes that are more aerodynamic and smoother. Secondly, you need to choose a muffler made especially for your vehicle. Choose by looking at the flow rates. Lastly, try to stick yourself to a factory pipe diameter.

Final Words

Before installing an after-market exhaust system, you need to think carefully about how they are different from the stock exhausts. You may find both the advantages and disadvantages of the after-market exhaust systems, but you need to be cautious before installing them. Keep in mind the local regulatory requirements, or go for the Silverado exhaust tip ideas. Still, before buying, it is better to analyze the benefits before buying, like the potential gain in power.