How Can I Remove Exhaust System Blueing?

Exhaust blueing is one of the common problems that many drivers face, and when the exhaust pipe starts turning blue, many people get perplexed by the phenomenon, as they don’t find any reason for it. The main reason is that when the chrome or the stainless steel exhaust tips start to get hot, they take the blue coloration.

Although blueing is quite common, removing blueing from stainless steel is still possible. You must understand the main reasons, take the proper steps to correct them, and prevent them from happening in the future.

What are the causes of the exhaust system blueing?

If there are chrome pipes in your vehicle's exhaust system, you will notice blueing or discoloring. There is a simple reason these become blue because of the heat of the exhaust that passes through the pipes. 

Although the exhaust pipes are designed to resist this heat, if you find any bluing on the exhaust system, you need to investigate it.

Not all exhaust pipes can be immune to bluing, which could only be a symptom of a particular pipe. It would be helpful for you if you kept in mind that bluing is quite familiar. The heat turns chrome blue; therefore, if the exhaust pipe is made from stainless steel, the excessive heat can even turn the color golden.

Are there any dangers that exhaust bluing poses?

The bluing of the exhaust system never poses any danger to your vehicle, and the exhaust pipe can work fine even if the color is blue. However, this could be a sign that there could be some other problem with your vehicle, and this issue can be problematic.

If you find your vehicle running hot enough to turn the exhaust pipe blue, then it could probably be at risk of overheating, which could be pretty serious. Therefore, if you notice exhaust bluing in your vehicle, you need to check it for problems or visit the mechanic shop.

How do we remove blueing?

Removing blueing from stainless steel could be done by polishing the metal with a slightly abrasive chemical capable of scraping off the oxidized layer. When you use a good product, you can easily buff or polish away any discolorations. Remember that bluing can still return quickly if you don’t protect the polished surface.

To protect the exhaust system, you can quickly increase the diameter of the tips and insert a smaller pipe inside the information so that it can act as a buffer between the exhaust gases and the tip. There are polishes claiming to protect the metal surface from bluing in the future. Although these can help prevent discoloration, they may not contain the parts from getting hot.

Final Verdict

You will notice that removing blueing from stainless steel is possible and relatively easy. There are several polishes and products specially designed for getting rid of the exhaust blueing. Try to that the exhaust is excellent before you clean it. Remember that the cleaners can be rough on the exhaust pipes, whereas the blues don't cause any immediate problems. Therefore, if blueing doesn't bother you, it is better to leave it.