How Can I Make My Car Higher And Lower?

When it comes to having your car ride at the perfect height level, there are a few ways in which you can make your car higher or lower. Whether you're looking for some extra ground clearance, better aerodynamics and handling, or just want to lower your center of gravity for an easy and comfortable ride, there's a way to do it. In this article, we will explore some popular methods for raising and lowering your car that you can do yourself at home.

Can you change the height of a car?

Yes, you can easily adjust the height of your car on your own. This can be done by adjusting the suspension system or installing a lift kit. Suspension adjustments are usually more cost effective and require less time, while a lift kit requires more time and money but gives more control over how much you raise or lower your vehicle.

Raising Your Car

One of the most popular ways to make your car higher is by adding a suspension lift kit. This method is great for those looking to get some additional ground clearance for off-roading, or just some extra height. Suspension lift kits work by replacing springs and shocks with larger components that add more height to your car. You can also adjust the ride stiffness and handling characteristics of your car when you install a kit.

Another way to raise your car is by adding wheel spacers. These are small blocks that fit between the wheel and the hub of your car, adding a few extra inches of clearance. Wheel spacers can be used to give you more ground clearance or adjust the stance of your car, depending on how they are set up.

How much does it cost to raise car height?

Different Types of Lift Kits

A suspension lift kit, which provides additional height, ground clearance, and suspension travel, could cost you anywhere from $450 to $2,000. However, a body lift that is only used for gaining extra height could be as cheap as $80.

Lowering Your Car

When it comes lowering your car, there are also several ways in which you can do this. One popular method is by installing lowering springs. This involves replacing your car's current springs with shorter ones, which lowers the ride height of your car. Lowering springs also affect the ride quality and handling of your vehicle, so it's important to choose the right ones for your driving style.

Another way to lower your car is by using coilovers. Coilovers are adjustable suspension systems that allow you to change the ride height of your car, as well as adjust other settings like dampening and camber. This is great for those who want to be able to fine-tune their car's performance on different road surfaces or tracks.

How much does it cost to lower your suspension?

This option, which involves replacing the stock springs in your car's suspension with lowering springs, can lower your car by one to three inches. This will also typically cost between $300 and $1,500.


Adjusting the height of your car is a great way to get it looking and performing just the way you want it. Whether you're looking for a bit more ground clearance or want to lower your center of gravity, there are plenty of ways to make your car higher or lower. With the right tools and know-how, anyone can easily adjust the height of their car.