Do I Need a Stainless or Aluminized Steel Exhaust System?

When it is about the exhaust system for your vehicle, there are chances that you may be confused between stainless steel and an aluminized exhaust system. It is worth mentioning that aluminized steel costs typically less, but both stainless and aluminized steel exhaust systems have advantages and disadvantages. 

These are identical even when it is about the aluminized steel vs. stainless steel exhaust sound. Therefore, you need to consider your needs, especially the location, before deciding to have one.

Aluminized steel exhaust

This is mild steel, and when it is coated inside and out, it can protect the steel from rust. You may also have the option of giving your aluminized steel system a heatproof coat paint for extra protection. As a result, it can last longer under normal conditions. 

Although many experts believe that this exhaust system typically lasts for a few years, it can surely go way beyond before you need any replacement, especially the diesel vehicles where the exhaust gases are not that corrosive compared to the petrol engine.

Stainless steel exhaust

If you want to put your vehicle through the paces and have the highest level of durability and performance from the exhaust system, you should go for the stainless steel system to have many years of driving satisfaction. 

A stainless steel exhaust system is built to last and is of supreme quality, and when it is about resisting corrosion, stainless steel is undoubtedly the way to go.

It would benefit you if you kept in mind that stainless steel can sometimes be more brittle than aluminized steel. There are specific stainless steel grades that can be good for some exhaust system components. The 409 Grade is resistant to heat cycling, whereas the 304 Grade is a higher grade that looks perfect on the parts of the system that are less stressed.

What is the difference between aluminized steel vs. stainless steel exhaust sound?

Although there is no difference between the sounds of both the stainless and the aluminized exhaust systems, both are identical to each other in terms of structure. Usually, the same wall thickness tubing is used in both exhaust systems, whereas the internal muffler combinations and configurations are also the same. 

Therefore, it means that whether you go for the aluminized or the stainless steel system, you will be getting almost the same sound.

Bottom Line

To choose the suitable material for your exhaust system, you need to consider different factors to help you make a wise decision. You can go for an aluminized steel exhaust if you want to keep the vehicle for less time and would like to have a low-priced system. 

On the other hand, a stainless exhaust system can be your choice if you want to keep the vehicle for more time, live near a coast, and would like to have the best quality system.