Do After-Market Exhaust Systems Work?

It can indeed be a lot of fun to buy a new car, but there is always room for improvement, no matter how good it is. When we talk about the after-market exhausts, they differ pretty much from the stock exhausts. Many people look for loud exhaust systems capable of delivering better engine performance and fuel economy. To solve this, these people turn to the after-market exhaust systems because they can do the job the right way.

Does the aftermarket exhaust system increase horsepower?

One of the best ways of increasing the horsepower of your vehicle is to grow fresh air that enters the combustion chamber. When there is more air, you get more powerful combustion and have more power in the engine. Performance modifications like air filter and cold air intake are capable of increasing the machine's performance, and this is done by the increase in the available air that comes to the combustion chamber.

The same technique is used by the after-market exhaust system, as it helps increase the amount of air in the combustion chamber. As combustion produces exhaust gases, therefore, when these gases leave the combustion chamber quickly, more fresh air can enter for the subsequent combustion. Good airflow in the exhaust pipe is needed for expelling the gases, and the after-market exhaust system improves this air.

What are the advantages of installing an aftermarket exhaust system?

  • Better sound

There is no doubt that the sound of your car engine changes with loud exhaust systems. This is why many vehicle enthusiasts prefer having after-market exhausts because their engines start producing a deeper sound.

  • Added power

In some cases, you can add extra power to the engine by using an after-market exhaust. This kind of exhaust can clear the emissions from the machine in an efficient manner. This way, more room is created for air and fuel intake, and you can have more power.

With an after-market exhaust system, the backpressure gets reduced, whereas the stiffing effect on the engine also reduces. This also delivers more power. It is worth noting that you may not always get an increase in control when you add aftermarket exhaust systems.

  • Better fuel economy

More fuel gets effectively injected into the cylinder when you press the gas pedal. With the decrease in backpressure and airflow improvement through the system, the after-market exhaust systems can reduce the energy that gets wasted in the system for overcoming the pressure issues. This way, you will be able to have better fuel efficiency.

Final Verdict

Upgrading your exhaust system can be the cheapest and the easiest upgrade you can make. When you install after-market loud exhaust systems, it is undoubtedly capable of freeing up power in the engine by allowing the escape of the gases more easily. Therefore, if you want louder sound, fuel economy, and power, then an after-market exhaust system is what you should go for.