single exhaust flamethrower After a control box has been assembled it goes into a test staging area.

Each kit is hooked up and test fired to make sure it produces a consistant spark. If the spark is weak the control box is sent back and rebuilt if possible - if not, it is thrown out.

When you recieve your kit and you notice the ends of the wires coming from the control box have been stripped - this is the reason. You're NOT receiving a used kit - you're receiving a kit that has been tested. This way, you shouldn't worry about hooking everything up to your vehicle only to find it doesn't work. Occassionally (actually very rarely), a kit may be damaged during shipping. In that case, we will replace it for you.

Please check out our industry leading return policy.

NOTE: Exhaust flamethrower kits are for off-road, show, or recreational use only. Not for street use. Professional installation recommended. or it owners are not responsible for property damage or injuries caused by this kit.

Most orders ship within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your kit ships. California residents pay state sales tax. Florida Traffic School information. Here is an interesting auto exhaust survey done for IROC-Z drivers.

How do exhaust flame thrower kits work?

(Read this before buying ANY kit)