Flame Thrower Exhaust, will it work?

exhaust flame throwers

Will it work with my vehicle?

Hundreds of satisfied customers have been able to successfully install our kit. Cars, trucks, motorcycles, sport utilities etc. That said it is difficult to know for sure what kind of flames a vehicle will produce, but we can give you an idea...

Flame thrower exhaust kits work by burning off the excess fuel coming out the exhaust. This excess fuel is influence by many factors including the size of motor, power of motor (any power modifications usually help the flame) catalytic converter etc...

We provide detailed instructions that make setting up the kit easy. Our instructions also include 3 methods of attaching the spark plug to the tail pipe and ways to help increase the flame size.

NOTE: Exhaust flamethrower kits are for off-road, show, or recreational use only. Not for street use. Professional installation recommended. Axdo.net or it owners are not responsible for property damage or injuries caused by this kit.

Most orders ship within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your kit ships. California residents pay state sales tax. Florida Traffic School information. Here is an interesting auto exhaust survey done for IROC-Z drivers.

How do exhaust flame thrower kits work?

(Read this before buying ANY kit)