Frequently Asked Questions:

Will your Flame Thrower Kit work with my vehicle?

Many hundreds of satisfied customers have been able to successfully install our kits on cars, trucks, motorcycles, sport utilities, etc. We provide detailed instructions with more than one installation method.

Is the kit difficult to install?

No. It will take 1 to 2 hours for a typical installation. We provide instructions that are very easy to follow - you will be connecting wires and mounting the various parts.

I have a catalytic converter, will the kit still work or will I have to remove it?

In most cases you will not have to remove the catalytic converter. We recommend NOT removing it, because there are laws in every state requiring street vehicles to have a catalytic converter. Whether or not the flamethrower will work depends on many factors including: the richness of your fuel mixture and your vehicle itself.

How much is shipping?

We only charge $4.95 for shipping and handling. We ship via US Postal service and use PRIORITY MAIL. Priority mail is fast, getting to most places in the US within 3 day - more often 1 or 2 days. We also provide a tracking number upon request.

Why should I buy your kit?

We feel we are selling the best kit on the market. Our kit is easy to install and does NOT require you to install a cut out between the ignition switch and the device. If you install a kit that requires you to cut out the ignition when the kit fires you will have to repair the ignition wires if you ever decide to remove the kit.

NOTE: Exhaust flamethrower kits are for off-road, show, or recreational use only. Not for street use. Professional installation recommended. or it owners are not responsible for property damage or injuries caused by this kit.

Most orders ship within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your kit ships. California residents pay state sales tax. Florida Traffic School information. Here is an interesting auto exhaust survey done for IROC-Z drivers.

How do exhaust flame thrower kits work?

(Read this before buying ANY kit)