Our experiment with adding a flame thrower kit to the new LTR450 by Suzuki.

UPDATE - We're still waiting for our test Suzuki. A local fellow was going to donate his ride for our pleasure, but so far he has chickened out.

About the LTR450 --> This is an all new four-stroke, single cylinder, fuel injected, liquid cooled, DOHC. The engine is designed to be compact, light and provide outstanding power.

An inventive Suzuki Advanced Sump System allows the engine weight to be positioned close to the ground for a lower center of gravity and also keeps the engine as short as possible. This of course, provides all the LTR450 power into such a compact design.

Everything that can be made lightweight has been engineered to be as light as possible and still sell for less than $8,000. From the magnesium clutch cover, magneto cover, cylinder head cover and titanium valves to the forged aluminum pistons and the convenient electric starter this machine is built for performance. It also comes with both and electric starter and a kick starter is available as an option.

flame thrower kit control box

Exhaust Flame Thrower KIT

NOTE: Exhaust flamethrower kits are for off-road, show, or recreational use only. Not for street use. Professional installation recommended. or it owners are not responsible for property damage or injuries caused by this kit.

Most orders ship within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your kit ships. California residents pay state sales tax. Florida Traffic School information. Here is an interesting auto exhaust survey done for IROC-Z drivers.

How do exhaust flame thrower kits work?

(Read this before buying ANY kit)