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A message from the site owner - If you have seen exhaust flame throwers in action you probably thought the effect was pretty cool, but maybe a little difficult to add to your vehicle. Even though it may appear to be a mystery as to how it is safely done, pre-built kits remove a large part of the effort needed to shoot flames. The kits we sell install quickly. If you're comfortable working on your vehicle, you should be able to install it in less than an hour. One evening, my brother and I installed one on his truck in less than 15 minutes...

I think it is fair to say that most of the kits being sold will do a good job of helping you to shoot flames. Some are fancier than others, but they basically operate under the same principle - provide a consistent hot spark to ignite fuel. In my opinion, you only need to find a company or website that you trust. The kits will work themselves out. The expensive kits (over $100) aren't going to produce larger or more consistent flames, but they may come with stickers or the coils and spark plug wire. Those items are really not that expensive. Often, I purchase the coil and spark plug wire at salvage yards for less than $6. You don't need a brand new coil to produce a hot constant spark, but you do need good control over it. That is where a flamethrower kit comes into play. We carry genuine UltraGear flamethrower kits. These kits can be installed and will produce nice flames on most vehicles. --- Joe

Do you want to build your own kit? We are thinking of moving away from selling the kits and just selling the instructions.

Kit includes:
• Detailed instructions (including where to buy affordable coils & increase flames)
• Control Box
• Wiring Diagram
• Power wire used to set up the kit
• Spark Plug(s)
• Fuse

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The UltraGear Exhaust flame thrower kit will allow you to shoot flames out of your exhaust at the press of a button! Easy installation and detailed instructions insure compatibility with most exhaust systems. This kit includes a control box, switch, wire, detailed instructions, connectors, fuse, spark plug and wiring diagram.

UltraGear kits contain the best instructions in the industry. They include:

detailed professional diagrams
step-by-step instructions taking you all the way through the installation process
3 methods of installing the spark plugs
• where to purchase a coil for spark plug wire for under $10
• methods that you can use to improve your flames!

Works with most vehicles. Kit does not include the coil and spark plug wire, but included in the instructions is where you can purchase these items for less than $10. It is easy to install, but we strongly recommend professional installation. Made in the USA.

Is Flame Throwing dangerous?
If you use common sense, follow the instructions and generally don't jack things up you and your vehicle should be fine. Always make sure no one is behind your vehicle and that there is nothing that can catch fire.

NOTE: This kit is for off-road, show, or recreational use only. Not for street use. Professional installation recommended. BSeek LLC is not responsible for property damage or injuries caused by this kit.

Discussion on the LTR450

Most orders ship within 24 hours. You will receive an email with a tracking number when your kit ships. California residents pay state sales tax. Florida Traffic School information. Here is an interesting auto exhaust survey done for IROC-Z drivers.

How do exhaust flame thrower kits work?

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